San Antonio’s planned renovation already attracting business

January 28, 2014 by  

San Antonio is planning to spend some $325m to improve and expand the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, and those plans are already bringing in business.

Casandra Matej, executive director of the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, says eight groups have already reserved the center. If the city had not decided to expand the facility, these groups could not have been accommodated, and the attendees, who represent about 112,000 hotel room reservations, would not be visiting San Antonio.

The renovation and improvements to the convention center will allow San Antonio to attract larger shows, conventions and meetings, many of which bring in thousands of visitors and take rooms in a number of hotels. One group, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, has already reserved the center for two years for its annual meetings. It is expected that attendees for this convention will need approximately 18,000 hotel rooms for each night of their stay in the city.

In 2013, there were more than 550 meetings in San Antonio, representing more than 857,000 nights in hotel rooms. The Convention and Visitors Bureau will work with other hospitality industry companies to spread the word about the expansion of the center to attract more business to hold their meetings there.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau could also work with brochure printers to create a mailer for groups that might be considering ‘Alamo City’ for their meetings. The Bureau could point out the amenities offered by the remodel and offer further information.