San Antonio starts the New Year with good news in the housing market

January 12, 2013 by  

San Antonio, Texas, got some positive news to start the New Year. A report dated January 4, 2013, describes the housing market recovery as “well under way” and notes the San Antonio market should have “another healthy year” this year.

The report stated that the city’s home builders could begin working on as many as 9,000 new homes – an increase of 11% over the starts in 2012. If the figures are accurate, 2013 will be the second year in a row to record a “double-digit jump” in housing starts.

The information was presented to members of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association at its annual forecast meeting on Friday, January 4, by Jack Inselmann, who is vice president of Metrostudy, a housing research firm. Inselmann describes himself as “bullish” about the coming year, saying that the 9,000 starts is a conservative figure and that he actually expects it to be closer to 10,000.

Others agree with Inselmann’s assessment of the recovery in San Antonio and Texas in general. Robert Gardner, who is chairman of the Texas Association of Professionals Credit Union, saw healthy home sales and “sustained strong home values” throughout 2012 and expects the trend to continue this year. The rental market is also strong, with occupancy and rents rising, another indicator of a recovering economy. Inselmann enthuses:

“Any way you stack it, Texas rocks.”

The Builders Association could contact brochure printers to create a pamphlet stressing the opportunities associated with home ownership, while companies that manage rental properties could use flyer printing services to reach prospective tenants.