San Antonio soldiers helping Sandy’s victims

November 9, 2012 by  

According to a report updated November 2, 2012, military personnel in New York and New Jersey are working tirelessly to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, but their efforts are being directed from San Antonio, nearly 2,000 miles from the scene. At Army North at Fort Sam Houston, Lt. Col. Michael Brough is heading efforts to move Department of Defense assets, including pumps, cargo, generators, even helicopters, to the areas where they’re needed most.

Brough, who describes the operation at Fort Sam Houston as “the brain, the nervous system” of the operation, leads a round-the-clock effort, with troops working in shifts, to keep supplies moving. He notes that when states’ governors and FEMA run out of options, they often call in military assistance.

Colonel Barrett Holmes is also attached to Army North in San Antonio, but at the moment he’s in New Jersey, coordinating rescue efforts at the scene. Holmes gets reports from first responders and the National Guardsmen who are working to return things to normal. He notes that things are beginning to improve throughout the Garden State. Holmes talks directly to Army North at Fort Sam Houston, where Brough then decides where to deploy available personnel and supplies.

The coordinated effort of Army North between its nerve center in San Antonio and its presence in New Jersey is contributing to the orderly resolution of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

In a situation like this, Army North might consider having flyers printed and distributed listing the things that are needed most urgently by the storm survivors. They could also instruct people where to bring the items.