San Antonio residents enjoy a slow duck race

October 24, 2013 by  

Earlier this month, some 9,000 plastic ducks were dropped into the San Antonio River and the Lucky Duck Race got underway. The race is a slow one, since the toys are pushed along the river by bursts of water from fire hoses.

The ducks, wearing sunglasses, had to find their way through rapids before they could enter the final stretch – a tranquil patch of water. The entire race, which lasted 10 minutes, was narrated by an announcer who took the whole thing seriously, adding to the fun.

The Lucky Duck Race was the fourth running of what has become an annual event to raise funds for Haven for Hope, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless. The Paseo del Rio Association sponsored the race.

The family-friendly event was three hours long, during which time attendees enjoyed live music, food, drink, and played games. People blew on whistles that quacked like ducks to get into the mood for the race, and they also wore duck-decorated T-shirts. Sponsors donated prizes as well, with the top one, a two-year lease on a Ford, won by Danielle Cunningham.

Comments from those who watched the race included adjectives like “crazy”, “amazing”, and “strange”, with one visitor wondering if it was a race to benefit ducks.

Race organizers might consider working with a flyer printing company to prepare hand-outs for the next race. They could clearly explain who benefits from the event, how it started, and what to expect.