San Antonio bikers get new B-Cycle stations

June 16, 2013 by  

San Antonio, Texas, residents have a new way to get around, with bicycles to be shared among many users. The B-Cycle program has proven to be such a success that, this month, San Antonio is adding an additional seven stations to the more than 30 that are already in place.

Currently, some of the most popular ones are located near the Convention Center, in Alamo Plaza and at the Pearl Brewery. New stations will be placed at 115 Crockett Station, Padre Park Station, Espada Dam Station, and four other spots. The new stations will bring the total of B-Cycle stations in San Antonio to 42, and the number should rise to 50 by the end of 2013.

The system is based on the Zipcar phenomenon, in which users pay a monthly fee, reserve a car whenever they need one, pick it up from a designated parking spot, and return it when their time expires. B-Cycle members follow the same pattern, only on two wheels, not four.

People who want to use the system simply go to a station, buy a membership (also available online), select a bicycle, take it from its dock, and ride away. Once they are done, they can return the bicycle to any station in the system. B-Cycle is designed for running errands and is recommended for those who need transportation for a half-hour or less.

San Antonio city officials must surely welcome the addition to this innovative system, which cuts down on traffic and pollution. They could work with poster printers to create material explaining the system, which would be posted in public buildings to encourage people to ride.