Over 40 San Antonio dogs find a safe haven in New Hampshire

October 24, 2012 by  

This month offered some good news for dog-lovers as 42 strays from San Antonio, Texas, who were scheduled to be euthanized, arrived safely at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua shelter in New Hampshire. The effort to save the dogs is part of an ongoing project of the Alamo Rescue Friends, founded by Virginia Davidson.

The rescues began because San Antonio is dealing with a huge number of stray animals and is still working to develop a no-kill policy. In the meantime, euthanizing stray dogs and cats has become a matter of routine in the Alamo City, where strays outnumber potential adopters. Obviously unhappy with having to put down healthy animals, San Antonio has entered into partnership agreements with agencies and groups that are willing to move the animals from the Texas city to other areas of the country where there is room for the strays.

New Hampshire is just such a place, since the number of people who want dogs is much greater than the dogs available. This is why, every eight weeks, Davidson and others drive from New Hampshire to San Antonio and bring back the strays that would otherwise be euthanized. The arrangement works well and, since early 2010, the Davidsons have brought 392 dogs from Texas to the shelter at Nashua.

The group could print flyers when they are ready to make their next trip to alert prospective adopters that the dogs are on their way. They could also use brochure printers to help them design a brochure to explains their operation and reliance on funding.