German culture celebrated in San Antonio

June 14, 2012 by  

Tomorrow, on Friday, June 15, San Antonio will be celebrating its annual Oktoberfest Festival at Beethoven Maennerchor located at 422 Pereida Street in San Antonio, Texas. The evening begins at 5:00 pm.

This festive event will take place in an authentic German beer garden, located in the middle of Southtown’s King William District. This festival is a celebration of the German customs and culture. During the festival, guests will enjoy traditional German music, dance, foods, and beverages. Many traditional German wines and beers will be offered for those attending to taste, but a variety of soft drinks will be available too. There will also be child care services available on the premise.

Beethoven Maennerchor was established for the purpose of promoting and preserving German song, dance music, food, and language. Today, it is among the oldest of Texas’ German singing groups and promotes various men’s, women’s, and children’s choruses, as well as a mixed German concert and dance band. The German Hall, known as the Beethoven Halle und Garten, is in the King William District and its main building has a large center space, used by these singing groups for concerts and other activities promoting German culture. The Garten, beside the hall, is used by this organization for festival events like Oktoberfest. Plans are currently underway to create a museum.

Flyer printing and poster printing may have been used to advertise this event where a $5 per person donation is requested. For additional information about the festival, please visit the Beethoven Maennerchor website or call 210-222-1521.