FINAT releases new educational handbook

March 13, 2012 by  

FINAT has updated and revised its educational handbook. The new edition is intended as a key reference book for the self adhesive labeling industry. This book will be useful for those in the label and banner printing industry in San Antonio and elsewhere in the U.S.
The 2012 edition replaces the 1996 edition, released in multiple languages. This edition is also available in electronic format as a protected PDF allowing users to easily navigate to linked resources on the organization’s website or elsewhere. The electronic form of the book will be regularly updated as new developments arise.

FINAT’s president, Kurt Walker says:

“The self-adhesive label sector continues to expand with new technologies, materials and external developments, bringing about a diversity of exciting new innovations and applications.

“Keeping pace with accelerating change is a challenge for everyone in the industry, and knowledge, education and training are essential vehicles to stimulate future growth and development.”

Among the changes highlighted through the book are alterations in the technology and materials used for labeling to meet increased demand for new stock, short runs, digitization and sustainable equipment and processes. The handbook aims to cover some of the latest thinking within the industry on advances in digital printing and other technologies.

In addition to updated chapters, the educational handbook also includes new information on embellishments, design, prepress, repro, substrates and eyepieces, costing and environmental issues. Among the environmental issues covered are the effects of legislation relating to packaging waste and the environment on choosing packaging components. The handbook also includes possible solutions to make labeling more sustainable.