Discount Electronics to open a new store in San Antonio

April 2, 2013 by  

Electronics lovers will be happy to learn that Discount Electronics is opening its ninth store in San Antonio, Texas.

The chain will locate its newest store at Tezel Road and Culebra Road. This marks the first time Discount Electronics has expanded in the city of San Antonio since it bought PC Outlet in 2011.

Rick Culleton, CEO, said that the new stores are smaller and more efficient, and compared them to convenience stores. Culleton said prices will continue to be as low in the new stores as they are in larger shops, but it will be easier for customers to get in and out quickly. In addition, the new stores all have repair centers.

The chain plans to open an additional three stores in San Antonio during 2013, as well as relocating two of the stores that are already open here. The store will open April 6 and add five new jobs to San Antonio’s economy. By year’s end, the opening of the new stores will add 22 more jobs to the city’s work force.

The new location was discovered by Robert Grant, head of R.P. Grant Company, Inc. Discount Electronics is so pleased with Grant’s performance that it plans to use his company to help it find the rest of its locations. Discount Electronics is the brainchild of CEO Rick Culleton, who founded the company in 1997, and it employs 125 workers in and around central Texas.

Culleton could work with business card printing shops to have cards printed for the new employees at the Culebra location.