Carl’s Jr. to open another location in San Antonio

March 11, 2013 by  

Carl’s Jr., the popular fast-food chain started by Carl Karcher, is opening its eleventh San Antonio location, which is also its 64th store in Texas.

The new site, run by a company called Frontier Star Foods, LLC, which is slated to open Tuesday, March 12, is located at 8539 State Highway 151.

The rights to develop the Carl’s Jr. franchise locally are owned by Carl LeVecke, Karcher’s grandson. A California-based company called CKE Enterprises owns the rights to the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. brands.

Franchises are popular ways for people to go into business for themselves, with minimal investment. The company that approves the franchise provides guidance for the new franchisor to follow. These often include the physical layout of the store, recipes, and operating procedures. This insures that every store in the chain will be exactly the same as all the others. While this does not appeal to everyone, many people find it comforting to know they can walk into a Carl’s Jr. in San Antonio and get precisely the same meal they would find in a Carl’s Jr. in Hong Kong.

In addition, the company granting the right to the franchise puts its full weight and all of its resources behind the new store. This is of great importance to a new operation just getting started and looking for customers.

The management of the new store could work with flyer printing experts to create a piece for mailing to the neighborhood residents, telling them about the opening and perhaps offering a discount.