New study puts electronic technologies and print in the spotlight

February 18, 2012 by  

Print companies from Round Rock and across the nation will be interested in the results of a study into the Impact of Electronic Technologies on Print. Commissioned by the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) near the start of 2011, the study looks at technologies for electronic communications and assesses the likely impact of some of these on the printing services industry. Research from IT Strategies conducted thousands of hours of interviews with printing industry professionals in order to create the report. Vice president of IT Strategies, Marco Boer comments: “Contrary to popular belief, mostly fueled by media saturation, e-books, iPads and other similar devices aren’t the root cause for the decline in page volume within the various print applications. Instead, the true major change-agent is a shift in business models.”

According to the report businesses are emphasizing increased efficiency, timeliness and thriftiness while trying to meet the communication requirements of their clients. It is this trend that has resulted in changing business models. The report also shows that different print sectors are feeling different impacts from electronic technologies. Magazine and brochure printers who rely on print advertising may feel the pinch more than book publishers, as people shift advertising to electronic channels. In fact, the report says that despite the growth in the use of electronic technologies, it might be as much as five years before this has an impact on the book publishing sector.

The results of the 300 page report, which outlines implications for the printing industry, will be highlighted at a presentation to be held on February 22.