Upbeat art festival brightens Richardson

May 3, 2013 by  

The Cottonwood Art Festival will brighten the Cottonwood Park in Richardson, Texas with fantastical creations from artists across the globe.

More than 1,400 artists submitted creations for consideration, and judges will whittle this number down to the 240 most stunning, museum-worthy pieces. The final 240 encompasses each of the 14 different categories, including 3D Mixed Medium, 2D Mixed Medium, Pastels, Glass, Painting, Sculptures, and Wood Work.

Richardson, Texas is bound to be awash with activity from interested spectators from all over the United States. Poster printing and digital business cards will ensure that every spectator can go home with memorabilia to forever remember this biannual festival.

At the Cottonwood Art Festival, every generation will find something of interest, even those of just a few years of age. The ArtStop Children’s Area across the bridge provides their tiny hands with craft activities to stimulate the mind. Children can even sculpt their own masterpieces on a potter’s wheel or make their mark on a large collage.

Cottonwood Art Festival will do more than tantalize the eyes. The ears are in for a spectacular treat as well. Local bands of all styles will provide entertainment by the Lakeside Court, adding a soundtrack to the delicious food. Everything ranging from rock to swing music has a place at Cottonwood.

The festival runs from Saturday to Sunday, May 4 and 5. Guests should show up at 10:00 am both days for the best viewing opportunities and stay until the sun goes down, enjoying a weekend of Texas’ best art, music, and food.