Pool and darts competition planned for Pasadena

September 23, 2017 by  

Pasadena pool players and dart throwers who feel they are at the top of their game are invited to put their skills to the test during a competition that has been planned for the local area.

The Blue Collar Bar and Grill will be the venue for the Dock ‘em and Throw ‘em competition, which will include both pool and darts. The tournaments will run simultaneously, and will raise funds that will be used to supply scholarships to students in Deer Park ISD, Pasadena ID, and La Porte ISD. While it is a contest, the organizers have also planned for it to be fun for everyone who takes part, as well as the spectators.

Along with the pool and darts, there will be a silent auction, where the public will be able to bid on an assortment of prizes. The planners of the function are seeking sponsorship for the event, and any companies that would like to lend local students a financial helping hand are invited to lend their support to the afternoon. Stationery printers can be called upon to craft award certificates for the winners, as well as other branded items that can be used as prizes for the competition.

The winners of the tournaments will win bragging rights, and it will be held on October 14 in the Blue Collar Bar and Grill. More details can be obtained by contacting dfrazier08@gmail.com.