Pasadena event to help get things growing

January 14, 2018 by  

Growing fresh vegetables can be an option for many Pasadena households, and an area workshop will teach them techniques they can use to do it in their own home.

Houston’s Make It Yourself Copperfield will be sharing secrets of indoor vegetable production using either hydroponic or aquaponic methods, meaning cultivating plants in water. The instruction will cover a variety of topics that will help to give participants a good start in these techniques.

The facilitator of the class will help the students decide how much space they need to grow the crop they are interested in. They will also learn about different variables that can affect indoor growing, such as water and air quality. Lighting will also be included in the discussion, and the participants will discover how they can balance aesthetics with the requirements of the plants they are growing. They will be given tips about how they can monitor their growing system so they can get the best results.

Along with all of the technical knowledge, the attendees will be given advice about how they can choose the right seeds for their needs and equipment setup. Growing seedlings is also on the agenda. Booklet printing can be utilized by a printer to produce instructional materials for distribution during an event like this.

February 5 has been chosen as the date for this workshop, and it will be held at 7510 Cherry Park Drive in Houston. More details about this introduction to indoor gardening can be found on its event listing.