Robin Hood tale heads straight as an arrow to Arlington

October 9, 2013 by  

The ‘Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood’ is an entertaining story that takes an inviting jaunt through the fantasy Sherwood Forest. Geared towards audiences of all ages, guests should keep their eyes open for any promotional poster printing used to bring this fictional story to people in this community and those in surrounding regions.

The production, written by Mary Lynn Dobson and directed by Joe Chapa, and tells the story of how hard it is to be truly humble when one is a swashbuckling, egocentric superhero dressed in green that tries his very best to swagger through this extremely funny, Monty Python-like retelling of a classic story.

In this version, the heroine meets a fair damsel in distress while working on his quest to help the needy. He also stumbles across a scheming sheriff, a gold-scrounging wannabe bad monarch, and a group of spoon-welding men who are merry, but not the brightest bunch of individuals on the planet. The audience is sure to take to this merry tale and the trip through the Sherwood Forest, as presented by this group.

Ticket prices vary depending on seating. The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood will be performed this Friday, October 11, starting at 7:30 pm at the Creative Arts Theatre and School located at 1100 West Randol Mill Road in Arlington, Texas, a short drive from Mansfield. To learn more about this adventure or to purchase tickets, visit the Creative Arts website or call its box office.