Mansfield Civil War Museum closes for renovation

March 21, 2012 by  

As of Monday, March 19th, the Mansfield Civil War Museum has closed for renovations, due to reopen in late April.

The costs of the renovations are shooting to nearly $60,000 as new lighting, flooring and walls will be installed. Throughout this time, preparations will also be made for a new exhibit to be installed in July. The new exhibit will display a wide variety of items from the Battle of Mansfield during the Civil War, as well as showcase the daily lives of soldiers, both Union and Confederate, women, slaves and freed-slaves, and their part in the war effort. A number of themes are still in planning.

Closer to the re-opening of the historic site, pamphlet and poster printing will spike around the town, and printing companies will likely distribute banners portraying the words “Grand Re-Opening” to be displayed prior to the Museum’s much anticipated day.

In 1973, the museum was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, which perpetuates the roles of the soldiers in the Battle of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill. The Battle of Mansfield could possibly have been a major turning point in the Civil War for the Union but quite possibly delayed the Union’s victory instead.

Passing through Mansfield on Highway 175, one should keep an eye out for early signs of the Museums renovation or the Museum itself. While the Mansfield Civil War Museum portrays history in itself, the special day of it’s re-opening will be remembered for years to come.