‘Joy of Life’ brightens Texas

May 3, 2013 by  

The Joie de Vivre, which means ‘Joy of Life’, is a new art exhibition at the LuminArte Gallery helping to celebrate new art and new life as spring rolls in.

Emerging artists from across Texas, including areas such as Mansfield and Arlington, can have their work featured in the Joie de Vivre alongside popular artists. Ron Burkhardt, Robin Antar, and the famous Cuban brothers Esteban and Alejandro Leyva are just a few of the big names gracing the LuminArte Gallery this May.

Artists such as Kay Dalton, Melissa Ellis, Leanne Venier, and Steve Ko – all Texas-based – will also be featured. Such an astounding gathering of local and international artists alike is sure to draw a large crowd. Flyer printing, poster printing, and other printing services present the perfect opportunity for local businesses to spread the word to the attendees of this popular exhibition.

The exhibition focuses on fun and light-hearted creations for the whole family to enjoy. Artistic media primarily including painting, photography, and sculpture create a positively energized environment. Such a scene is perfect for everyone ranging from the seasoned art critic to a child appreciating art for the first time.

Art will cycle though the Joie de Vivre for its entire duration, meaning each day presents a new and enlightening experience. With art from all over the world, every step introduces a new and diverse range of creation.

The Joie de Vivre will remain open until May 18, which is an extended date due to the growing popularity of this exhibition.