Encountering space in Houston

May 22, 2012 by  

Encountering space in Houston

An event known as Encountering Space, being organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, is sure to allow guests all over Dallas and surrounding cities such as Cedar Hill, Carrollton, and Mansfield to see the effects that different kinds of space can have around them. The exhibit will feature a variety of artistic works depicting different kinds of space and the physical and emotional effects these can have through different perspectives.

How space is depicted in any form of art can affect its impact enormously, as Susan Diachisin from the Center for Creative Connections, who are hosting the exhibition, explains:

“A painting can depict a space in such a way that we feel as if we could actually enter into it. A sculpture can protrude into our space or draw us around it. We can physically enter the space of large-scale installations so that we are completely immersed within the works themselves and become part of it.”

Works present during the exhibit include Eiffel Tower by Robert Delaunay, Mercury’s Gift to the Mirror by Michelangelo Pistoletto, and the DMA’s Fleischner Courtyard, which was made to actually allow guests to immerse themselves into the art work itself. Many high-end and popular business owners and sponsors will are likely to be in attendance over the duration of the exhibit, so this will be a strong time for business card printing services as businesspeople look to get involved in the proceedings.

Encountering Space is an ongoing presentation scheduled to conclude in Spring of 2013.