Dallas FenCon IX

April 26, 2012 by  

Due to the sci-fi entertainment industry supposedly waning fast in the past years, it certainly isn’t surprising to see die hard fans rise up and take a stand against what most would believe is inevitable. With that goal in mind, FenCon was born in 2004 and lived on, bringing numerous guests and notabe science fiction and fantasy authors to their doors from the very start. Some can say that the love for the old, obtuse genre was kept alive because of the efforts made by the founders of FenCon, Tim Miller and Ed Dravecky. Because of their hard work, FenCon could continue to live and grow, and later in the year, Dallas will see the return of FenCon with FenCon IX.

After the convention’s rather modest start in 2004, FenCon began to see a steady rise in membership over the years, and in 2011, new members and guests were clamoring at the doors, anxious to enter and take part in the large variety of contests, workshops, and shows. New guests, including Teresa Patterson of the Wheel of Time series, will be attending FenCon IX this year for fans to meet and chat with while other guests in the literary field will host writing workshops for aspiring science fiction authors. With this large scale occurrence on the way, printing companies will be hard at work to make sure that the newest premier volumes and novels will be ready to be previewed at the convention.

FenCon IX is scheduled to be held on September 21st to the 23rd at the Crown Plaza North Dallas/Galleria.