School issues prominent in Flower Mound elections

March 30, 2013 by  

As the list of school board and town council candidates finalizes in Flower Mound, it is clear that Lewisville Independent School District’s future plans will loom large in the campaigning, along with the perennial concerns of local business growth and government transparency.

As printing companies churn out signs and posters and contending candidates schedule town meetings, the question of what school their children will be attending next year is prominent in parent’s minds.

Lewisville ISD’s plan in question is a proposed redrawing of Flower Mound High School’s feeder districts. These determine which primary and middle schools children in a given area attend. At the moment, the widely differing student numbers at the district’s eight feeder elementary schools have led to an initiative by the school board to make better use of space.

To this end, a committee was formed, with two principal-appointed representatives from each school, to explore options. Their recommendation was to redraw the district boundaries, achieving a more even distribution of students, with 90% capacity in each school stated as the overall target.

Joy Bowen, candidate for the town council’s Place 1, argued during a February 6 meeting that conversations with relevant city officials, such as the police, were never held, that the danger to students from unfamiliar busy crossings was not considered, and finally that demographic changes would erase the current imbalance in a few years.

Meanwhile, Tami Ryan, a Place 5 candidate, opines that working parents will be affected by increased costs if their children are affected.