Digital Nirvana has new take on Marketing for Printers

February 18, 2012 by  

The Digital Nirvana blog has published some romantically related marketing tips which Lewisville stationery printers can use to build solid relationships with their clients. Released to coincide with Valentine’s Day, the tips focus on improving client relations to increase business. Write John Foley makes the point that just as you don’t relax when you get married and take a relationship for granted, it’s exactly the same with a business relationship. He says: “We should never just rest on our laurels or set the dial to ‘coast.’ We need to keep things fresh and interesting. We need to let our prospects know we are here for the long haul.”

The article contains other relationship building tips of interest to printing companies. These include the importance of honesty and respect for the potential clients you are dealing with – not only their time but also listening to their feedback and responding to it. It states that is important to let prospective clients know that you care about their interests long term instead of disappearing once you have landed the deal. Mr Foley suggests that marketing messages can include a human side which will help prospects to get attached to you on an emotional level.

In addition, the article encourages us to identify our clients’ or prospects’ problems and try to solve them, something that print companies can also do. Communication, it says, is a key part of this. Finally, it is important to recognize that your clients may have bad days too and also to check in with them regularly as part of the relationship building process.