‘Typhoon Texas’ underway in Katy

September 10, 2015 by  

Construction of a new waterpark has begun in Katy, and is expected to be complete in time for a May 2016 opening date.

On August 18, a groundbreaking ceremony was held next door to Katy Mills Mall for the new ‘Typhoon Texas’ waterpark. The $45m project has been in the planning stage, below the radar, for three years. According to project leaders, the 25-acre park will be competitive with and comparable to Spring’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Splash Town and the New Braunfels-based Schlitterbahn chain.

The park is expected to be a boon to the city’s economy, bringing visitors in from miles around including Austin, Galveston, and Houston. Likely, local restaurants, hotels, and motels will be meeting with their local print companies to amend their promotional literature and advertisements to include their proximity to Katy’s newest attraction before it opens.

Typhoon Texas will feature 13 main rides, and three main attractions: a 25,000-square-foot wave pool, a 48-foot-tall structure designed as a children’s play area, and a “lazy river” ride that measures 1,345 feet long.

The site for the new enterprise was carefully chosen with the help of the Katy Area Economic Development Council. Located next to the Katy Mills Mall, which is planning its own $25m facelift, the water park is also close to where a future boardwalk, convention center, hotel, and restaurant strip will be located. Prior to launching the project, everything, including anticipated changes in traffic, was taken into consideration.