Next stadium phase covered by Katy ISD bond funds

December 24, 2015 by  

Leftover money has enabled Katy ISD board of trustee to approve a stadium construction phase not included in the original $58m available for the facility from the 2014 bond issue.

On December 7, the Katy ISD trustees decided to fund a $2.9m second phase to its second football stadium. This phase would extend the stadium’s shell to provide a maintenance building and parent drop-off area, as well as exterior building lighting. These items were not part of the district’s original stadium proposal in anticipation that funds could be found, as past bond project came in under budget.

The money for this phase is coming from the 2010 bond project surplus. Making sure that the public understands where the money comes from and where it is being spent is important to maintaining its trust. A brochure printing service can assist in this.

Superintendent Alton Frailey lobbied against possible alternatives for funding the second phase last month. These other options included scaling back parking and making the stadium 2,000 seats smaller, not building or rolling the cost into the next proposed bond issue.

The shell extension should be finished at the same time as the two-story field house and 12,000-seat stadium, which is anticipated to be in the fall of 2017. The stadium will be located next to the district’s 9,000-seat Rhodes stadium on Katy Fort Bend Road.