Katy sees growth in locally sourced food

May 23, 2015 by  

This month, Harvest Natural Market becomes the fourth grocery store to provide Katy residents with what has become a growing trend in healthy, sustainable food practices.

To eat healthily, support the local economy, and keep the environment in mind is getting progressively easier in Katy. Soon, there will be six restaurants and retailers that specialize in organic and locally sourced food to have opened their doors here since 2013.

A survey conducted that year by the National Grocers Association found that Americans are very concerned by where they groceries originate, and that the majority of them prefer their food to be locally grown.

Harvest Natural Market will join Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market, each of which opened in 2013, and Trader Joe’s that opened in 2014. Harvest Market, according to project manager Jason Ergen, will be a one-stop shop where, unlike other similar health-focused stores, consumers can find everything they need. Roughly 70% of the produce in the store will organic and the site will contain both a grocery and restaurant.

In addition to the groceries, Katy has two restaurants that specialize in organic and locally grown cuisine. Dish Society opened this last March and its predecessor, Snap Kitchen, two months earlier. Getting the word out to the organic food enthusiasts and locavores in Katy may best be accomplished by using a flyer printing service to systematically spread the news.