Humble Sextuplets Pass Vital Test

April 30, 2012 by  

The sextuplets born prematurely to a Humble couple have passed a critical test, according to doctors.

The six newborns survived a crucial first 72 hours of life, and are steadily improving. Five of the children are now strong enough to breathe without assistance, but the smallest of the bunch, a girl, still requires assistance to support her in her breathing and faces greater challenges than her siblings.

The children’s mother, Lauren Perkins, wrote on her website that she was receiving updates on their progress by the hour, and spoke of her delight when she “officially met them” on Tuesday, shortly after her husband David had the opportunity to do so. After a cesarean section procedure, she notes that she is recovering and “now walking around a bit and getting to see the babies more often”.

The children – three girls and three boys – are named Levi Thomas, Benjamin Luke, Andrew Noah, Leah Michelle, Caroline Grace and Allison Kate. Their weights were between 1 lb 10 oz and 2 lb 15 oz, and although born ten weeks early, their gestation period of 30 weeks was longer than usual for sextuplets. This bodes well for their health, as babies born at this point have a 95% chance of surviving without any health issues.

Sextuplet births are exceedingly rare. They are unheard of without fertility treatments, and occur on average once a year in the US.

No doubt, printing companies in Humble are working overtime to meet the demand for get well cards sent in by well-wishers.