Zest in the West is back in Houston

June 20, 2012 by  

In Houston, many have found a plethora of spices, ranging in diversity from Southeast Asian peppers to homemade Cajun spices. However, zest is not solely defined by spice but other things as well, such as different kinds of beverages, including sparkling wines, and a variety of foods from local restaurants. Zest in the West will be a crucial event for business card printing services as the local restaurant owners who will be serving at the event will no doubt wish to exchange business cards to several of the patrons with a view towards improving future sales.

Zest in the West is more of a series of events rather than one big event but some of the individual events will lead into something bigger, such as the Sparkling Affair and the Grand Zesting. The Sparkling Affair is the opening for Zest in the West, as it will preview many sparkling wines and chocolates before the Grand Zesting begins, or one could attend Foam on the Range and try a variety of different handcrafted beers and food from an entire host of restaurants. Altogether, the entirety of Zest in the West is certain to be an experience for any entrepreneur or regular guest.

Zest in the West is scheduled take place over the two-day period of October 18 – 19. Ticket prices vary depending on the event and VIP entrance is available, so those planning to attend would be best advised to visit the event’s website to find a price package suitable to their needs.