West Houston presents the second annual Creekfest

June 17, 2012 by  

This year, Houston will see the return of Creekfest for its second year.

Creekfest is an annual visual arts festival based in the West Houston area. Many different artists are expected to be present at the festival for a variety of performances and art showings for attendees of all ages to enjoy. The festival, while fun, can also be very educational for everybody, as Creekfest will be host to several events meant to enrich those with a strong taste in the arts.

During Creekfest, a series of events will take place for attendees for a multitude of purposes, including many family and outdoor events for both adults and children. Alongside the events for the festival, the Barbara Bush library will host special events for children, while the adult attendees can participate in the Urban Adventure Run. This will consist of a series of obstacles with a scavenger hunt theme, resulting in a series of prizes for the first three places. For the more art-appreciative attendees, there will be an outdoor chalk-art walk where guests can watch artists at work on amazing and complex pieces on the pavement. During this time, business card printing will be well in demand as this event is sure to attract art sponsors from all over and business card trading will likely be practiced for those trying to broaden their business’ horizons.

Houston’s Creekfest is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 13 at Collins Park, the Barbara Bush library, the Centrum, the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, and the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center. Entry prices may vary depending on the event.