Unconventional creativity on display at body art convention

September 10, 2013 by  

The Reliant Center in Houston was host to a festival of creativity over the weekend of September 6-8. The Body Art Expo is a travelling body art convention featured in six cities every year.

Described as the largest body art convention in the world, Houston’s Expo attracted over 300 of the country’s most talented tattoo and piercing artists this year, many of whom were tattooing and piercing on the event floor. In addition to being able to receive a brand new tattoo or piercing from a well-known artist, fans and body art enthusiasts were also treated to three days of spectacular theme experiences.

In keeping with the unconventional nature of the Expo, highlights of the event included live musical performances, the Miss Body Art Expo competition, and even an ‘Extreme Human Suspension’ show.

Throughout the weekend, body art contests were also offered in over 20 varied categories. Winners were chosen in divisions ranging from best sleeve and best leg tattoos to best movie character, Latin art, and realistic tattoos. Photos of the winning tattoos and their owners will be displayed on the Body Art Expo website.

The next stop for the Expo is a visit to sunny San Diego for another three day event at the San Diego Concourse over the October 11-13 weekend.

As an event celebrating creativity, organizers could work with local printing companies to create unforgettable flyers, posters, and banners to promote the Expo. Since the convention moves to different cities through the year, there are multiple opportunities to create unique promotional materials that will truly make an impression and draw in both vendors and attendees.