Turkish Spring Festival coming to Houston

March 22, 2012 by  

The Turkish Spring Festival is coming to Houston on April 14th at the Turquoise Center Spring Festival. The event will take place from 11am until 6pm on the Saturday.

The Turkish Spring Festival in Houston includes music, food, such as kebap and baklava, activities for children and general education to the public about Turkish culture and is being presented by the Raindrop Turkish House.

The Raindrop Turkish House is a non-profit organization that focuses on charitable, educational, cultural and social aspects to teach people about Turkish culture and operates in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Mississippi.

Places such as the Raindrop Turkish House usually utilize flyer printing and other such services to advertise specific events. This Turkish House goes well beyond cultural relations and makes each event about unity. It also offers many classes on Turkish cuisine and language and is also active in many other social functions each month.

The Raindrop Turkish House not only seeks ways to educate the public about Turkish culture, but also extends its services to Turkish men, women and children within the US to help them integrate into the larger society. Holding several different events with specific themes, such as the International Women’s Day, the Raindrop Turkish House is certainly keeping its calendar full.

To obtain more information about the Turkish Spring Festival, contact the Raindrop Turkish House of the Turquoise Cultural Center. The Turquoise Cultural Center is located at 9301 W. Bellfort Ave in Houston. The event is free to attend.