The Rice Harvest Festival comes back to Katy for another year

June 16, 2012 by  

Since 1981, the Katy Rice Harvest festival has been a long-standing tradition enjoyed by people of all ages. Over time, many more people have come from all over to sell their often homemade goods along the streets and alleys of Katy’s historic downtown area. Every year, several different generations of Katy’s citizens, as well as their friends, distant relatives, and even their pets, have partaken in the festivities. The town by itself is a gem to be found just outside of the West Houston area.

During the festival, a series of events will take place, including a parade and a carnival to help stem the growing hype of the attending children. The parade itself is likely to feature floats and other decorated cars, carts, and trolleys sponsored by companies in the surrounding areas, as well as a variety of organizations for the conservation of Katy and many animal organizations. On other days of the Rice Harvest festival, a series of concerts will be freely available to the public alongside the carnival. Throughout the duration of the event, a wide variety of rides will be operating alongside dozens of booths for games, candy, food, and beverages.

The 32st annual Katy Rice Harvest festival is scheduled to take place on October 13 and October 14 in the historic Downtown Katy, so no doubt poster and flyer printing is already in operation to promote the event. Admission is $8 at the gate with the carnival admission starting at $15 for the night of Friday, October 12 and $20 for the later Saturday and Sunday of the festival.