The Get Smart with Internet Marketing Houston Workshop

February 28, 2012 by  

If you think you know everything there is about marketing, think again. The “Get Smart with Internet Marketing” Houston Workshop is an event featuring a 90-minute introductory workshop on internet marketing.

The workshop teaches: how social media marketing works; how search engine optimization (SEO) works; about email marketing practices; how to prepare text and image content on your website; why it’s important to plan and measure; and the information you should know when you interview and select a webmaster for your website.

The “Get Smart with Internet Marketing” Houston Workshop is a free event to attend. The idea in Internet Marketing is to conduct business through the Internet and finding means and mediums to make that possible, such as digital business cards. Digital business cards are traded in a similar fashion as traditional business cards, but rather, through electronic means, such as a personal cell phone or computer.

For those who attend, two or three participants will have the opportunity to have their websites reviewed as part of the presentation, if time permits. There is also a “Hands-On Social Media Marketing Workshop” that is advisable to attend. For those who wish to follow-up with this workshop, they have the chance to win a door prize. In addition, anyone who chooses an investment to a general admission ticket will be provided a free 30-minute follow-up consultation.

The event will be held on March 6 between 9:30 and 11 am at the Clickgrafx Web Design and Marketing at 2656 S. Loop W Freeway in Houston.