Sublime with Rome hits Houston again

June 21, 2012 by  

For years, Sublime with Rome, formerly known as just Sublime, has traveled the world and played for millions with their songs about getting into trouble and having fun while doing it. Their fans will be delighted to know that the band is touring the nation once again and will be stopping in many densely populated cities in a number of states.

Sublime with Rome attracts a very diverse audience with music which can often be considered diverse in itself. This is one of the many elements that have allowed the band to grow to where it is today. As Sublime with Rome continues to move on, a number of their sponsors are calling on printing companies for their poster printing and flyer printing services, as these services are essential for the tour’s promotion.

As with many of the band’s concerts, a number of stands and small huts will be set up on the venue’s grounds as sponsors look to sell Sublime with Rome T-shirts, posters, autographed pictures, CDs, and more. This year, Sublime with Rome will be supported by acts like Matisyahu, Pepper, and the Dirty Heads. With this strong combination of different artists, the entirety of the event is sure to be a memorable experience for those in attendance.

The Sublime with Rome concert is scheduled to be at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in the Woodlands, TX, just north of Houston. Ticket prices can range from $25 to $89.50 depending on seating and varying passes. More information can be found at the Sublime with Rome homepage.