Space Center Houston offers out-of-this-word event

August 20, 2012 by  

Until the end of this year, a multitude of families will be allowed to participate in the experience of a lifetime as Space Center Houston is now offering a program that is too good and too unique to pass up.

The educational and cosmic institution is hosting ‘Lunch with an Astronaut’, a nearly year-long event aimed to educate people of all ages with a firsthand account from an astronaut who has participated in a mission into space.

As the attendees sit and listen to the spacemen tell their story of the cosmic journey, while asking questions and speaking with them, they will be served by Space Center Houston’s award winning catering service. One may expect to see many products from various printing companies, such as posters and flyers, as the space center is probably trying to maintain a constant audience throughout the event, which lasts months on end. The long-standing event is meant to be a fun filled experience to go along with the plethora of other fantastic sites events offered at Space Center Houston.

Lunch with an Astronaut is scheduled to take place until December 28 of this year. Ticket prices vary between adults and children, as adult tickets run to be $49.95 and children’s tickets are priced at $29.95. It is appreciated that any preferences for food or allergies are mentioned as tickets are ordered in the order notes box to ensure that such needs are met. For more information, please visit the Space Center Houston homepage.