Sewage causes damage in Houston

February 26, 2012 by  

Several homes in Houston were completely damaged by sewage when a City of Houston Public Works employee, in an attempt to clear a clogged sewer line, apparently sent the clog in the wrong direction due to the pressurized content therein. Poster printing may be considered necessary in the affected area to make local residents aware of necessary precautions and cleaning methods after this awful event.

The sewage that was backed-up came spewing out toilets, bathtubs and sinks of three residences causing each residence to be inhabitable. Several other homes were affected, but not as drastically as the three within the closest vicinity of the clogged sewer line. One resident refused to go back inside her home and understandably so. The residences were so affected that the sewage filled every room of the house and even within the walls of each room.

It is unclear at the moment what exactly caused the sewage to spew out in the direction it did. It is believed that the employee that was attempting to unclog the sewer line three houses down used pressure so great that the clog became quickly dislodged affecting the pressurized content to go into the opposite direction. The worker apologized to the owners of the residences affected, but the city has not taken an official stance on the incident as of yet.

The City has not taken responsibility of the incident outright and insists that those affected must file a claim with the attorney’s office of the city in order for the possibility of compensation; however, it is unclear whether the city will decide to actually compensate those affected.