Rare Cajun prairie saved by fundraising success

September 11, 2013 by  

Plans to develop the Deer Park Prairie outside Houston were put to an end yesterday (September 10).

Though the land was purchased several years ago, it was found to be a rare habitat known as a coastal Cajun prairie. After a survey of the land, conservationists discovered it to be the natural home of several possibly endangered species of plants and animals.

Though the 53 acres were originally purchased for the purpose of real estate development, the Bayou Land Conservancy was given the opportunity to buy the Deer Park Prairie back from the developer. As its late-August deadline approached, the group was still short of the $4m price by almost $800,000. It was given an extension set to expire at midnight on September 10. Yesterday afternoon, the group announced it had successfully met its fundraising goal. Donations from over 1,000 people and organizations were required to raise the funds.

In celebration of meeting the target, the Bayou Land Conservancy hosted a public party at the Monument Inn in La Porte. Donors were invited to mix and mingle not only with members of the Bayou Land Conservancy, but also the developer from whom they will be purchasing the rare prairie.

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