OTC 2013 coming to Houston

March 27, 2013 by  

The Offshore Technology Conference has been booked in Houston at Reliant Park and is expected to attract over 80,000 attendees from over 100 countries this May.

The conference is sponsored by technical societies and entities that cover all facets of the energy industry. A new Executive Director of the Offshore Technology Conference was recently appointed, namely Mr. Stephen Graham.

The Offshore Technology Conference was founded in 1969 and is responsible for organizing events for the purpose of development and education of offshore resources. These generally include drilling, production, exploration, and environmental protection efforts.

Ranking amongst the largest trade shows in the country, it is one of the 10 largest in attendance. Over 2,500 companies participate as vendors and exhibitors, attracting visitors from around the world.

Those exhibiting in a large event such as this expect to meet thousands of potential clients and partners, so it is very important the booth is in perfect order. It must attract attention quickly from the crowds passing by. Banner printing is a common way of highlighting a booth, since banners can be hung from the backdrop or the front table to catch attention.

Business cards are also an important tool at events such as this. A printing company can use modern printing techniques to easily produce digital business cards for attendees to exchange and collect at the show.

The Offshore Technology Conference website has complete information about this year’s event, as well as sponsor and registration pages. To speak with a representative, the contact number is 972-952-9494. The event is planned for May 6 – 9.