Old posters sell for over $500,000

March 27, 2012 by  

Auctioned off at the Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, a short distance from Houston, are 33 posters spanning from a near-forgotten era in film. The posters are largely from the early 1930s featuring several infamous films. Such films include “Dracula,” “Cimarron,” “The Bat Whispers” and “Little Caesar.”

The posters found in an attic in Pennsylvania sold for over $500 thousand. The poster printing of “Dracula,” alone, was created in 1931 and was sold recently for more than $143 thousand. The movie poster of “Cimarron,” is significant due to the film’s winning of the Best Picture Academy Award, a first for Western films. The posters are a rare find. All are from the Golden Age of Hollywood and were kept in very good condition, although originally stuck together with the use of wallpaper glue. The posters were carefully separated with the use of steam.

What’s interesting about the condition of the posters lends to the manner in which they were stored. Every time a new movie came to town, that movie’s poster was affixed over the previous one and that is how all came to be bound by wallpaper glue. Ironically, they appear to have been used as a means of insulation. Every poster stacked on the previous revealed the rarest of collections. Most posters are thought to be one-of-a-kinds and a few are known to have three or four alike in the world.

Heritage Auctions showcases collectible items and has well over 700 thousand online bidders that are registered through their site. No doubt local print companies are involved with printing services such as program printing, flyer printing and poster printing for upcoming sales and events.