Moody Gardens: spring break 2012

March 15, 2012 by  

Just a hop, skip and several jumps away from Houston, Texas, Galveston has some fun for all. Taking a day trip out to Galveston from Houston is all it takes. It’s highly recommended to visit Moody Gardens for the 2012 Spring Break. Moody Gardens is offering a 4D Wizard of Oz experience. They are also offering Tornado Alley 3D. Visitors can even get in a game of golf.

Many say Moody Gardens is the ultimate park. No matter what type of person visits Moody Gardens, they will be sure to absolutely love it. Moody Gardens features three pyramids that are equipped with separate themes – aquatic life, rainforest life and science. Outside of these three pyramids is a water park area, golf course and a state-of-the-art theatre with 3D and 4D experiences.

With such attractions, Moody Gardens speaks for itself. However popular, Moody Gardens still advertises through traditional flyer printing and electronic flyers can also be obtained for their regular and special events.

Moody Gardens started out very small with a riding arena, horse barn and hippotherapy riding back in 1980. However today, roughly two million visitors grace their doors annually.

Despite Moody Gardens suffering terrible damage to its pyramids when Hurricane Ike struck in 2008, Moody Gardens took the opportunity to enhance the already beautiful pyramids, notably the Rainforest Pyramid and has recently reopened it.

Moody Gardens is an aquarium, a wildlife exhibit, a resort, an interactive media outlet, a golf course and a paradise. Moody Gardens provides the most comprehensive form of family entertainment around.