Local festival celebrates Greek culture

May 10, 2012 by  

From May 25th through 27th, Houston, Texas locals of Greek heritage and fans of the food and culture will gather for the 19th annual Clear Lake Greek Festival. The festival, which takes place just 30 minutes outside of Houston in Seabrook, will feature a wide variety of attractions and entertainment for adults and children alike.

Fans of multi-cultural dining will enjoy traditional Greek meals, desserts, and wine, while fans of live art can take in music and dancing throughout each day. The festival will also offer rides and moonwalks for children. Due to the low admission fee of $4, this is the perfect event for families and those on a budget to enjoy. Local business owners and event hosts can reach this crowd by using local printing services and distributing digital business cards , flyers, and brochures to festival-goers who are exiting and entering the festival grounds. If you’d like to advertise to specific groups of people, like families, handing out your printed materials around targeted spots like the children’s amusement area can be a great way to bring foot traffic into your business.

When printing your business cards, flyers, brochures, or postcards, remember your audience. Using language that playfully matches the theme of the festival is a great way to attract attention and encourage your audience to continue reading. You should also be sure to include a website address, phone number, or email address for potential customers to reach you or find out more information about your business or event.