Jazz Festival coming to Houston

June 22, 2013 by  

The 23rd Annual Houston International Jazz Festival is set to have Texans tapping their feet and humming along later this year.

Thousands of visitors attend the yearly event and many particularly enjoy the Battle of the Brass Bands and the weekend’s diverse range of music. With an all-star schedule, first time festival attendees, as well as seasoned fans, will find a full array of performances.

Sheila E, Elan Trotman, and Jonathan Butler will be performing as the Soul of Summer, ensuring an energetic ambiance. The Summer Jazz Workshop All-Stars consists of student musical artists appealing to the younger crowds. The Texas Brass Band is a returning act, as is the Nicaraguan style jazz artist Yelba Heaton Ronan. New performers include rock and soul singer Sydnee-Jane and the Los Skarnales band.

The Bayou Music Center is a bi-level theater that can accommodate up to 3,464 guests. The lower level is primarily based on standing room only while the balcony seating on the second story is for reserved seating. VIP seating is also available.

State-of-the-art technology, including sound and lighting equipment, will ensure a great experience for all. Six fully stocked bars offer drinks throughout the events. Concession stands are also onsite to feed the masses.

The organizers of events like the jazz festival often find local printing companies to be valuable resources when it comes to sourcing needed materials. Banner printing is very common, for example, as large signs are used throughout outdoor venues to direct visitors to specific areas.

The Festival will take place August 2-4 at the Bayou Music Center on Texas Street.