Japanese art festival comes back to Galveston

July 22, 2012 by  

Anime and Manga, or Japanese animation and comics, is a rapidly growing form of entertainment, not just in America but throughout the world, and the number of fans has accumulated over the course of the past decade. Conventions themed for Japanese art and culture, anime and manga have mushroomed in recent years. One that remains very popular is Oni-Con, a large scale anime convention based in the greater Houston area, with its ceaseless amount of activities and shows for all of its attendees since being founded in 2004.

When Oni-Con 2012 begins later this year, one can expect to see a plethora of different characters walking about, as many of the guests will often portray themselves as characters from their favorite anime or manga out of appreciation for the show’s creators. Throughout three-day event, a number of activities will be available to attendees, such as gaming rooms that provide entertainment through video games, a dealers’ room (with many vendors from different printing companies), toy stores, antique shops, weapon shops, and independent artists, who will have a booth to sell their merchandise to guests of the convention. Later in the day and at night, there are likely to be anime screenings and dance parties in different areas of the convention center.

Oni-Con 2012 is scheduled to take place on October 19 – 21 at the Galveston Island Convention Center. Ticket prices and other specific information are due to be released later this year, prior to the opening of the event, so fans should keep their eyes peeled.