Houston to see the return of the Slavic Heritage Festival later this year

August 2, 2012 by  

Residents of Houston who can trace their ancestry back to the Slavic peoples of Europe and Asia are invited to celebrate their heritage at an upcoming festival.

In Houston, it isn’t difficult to learn of a different culture as many people of a certain ethnicity will often organize educational events for the purpose of allowing locals to learn of their heritage. The Texas Renaissance Festival recognizes a plethora of different cultures on certain weekends in Fall and the Greek community in Houston organizes an annual festival each year in downtown Houston, it isn’t surprising that there are a number of people that will arrange events in regards to their heritage. The Slavic communities in Houston have come together for almost 49 years to celebrate their Eastern European heritage, and this year is sure to be a blast for entire families.

As the Polish, Ukrainian, Croatian, and Czech communities gather to celebrate their very old and still very appreciated heritage, local printing companies around the Houston area will likely be busy printing brochures for the event as the minimal $5 entry fee comes with a free brochure for the event. One can hope to experience the finest in Slavic culture as there will be a variety of different foods, dancing, games, and more fun for the whole family. An educational festival that allows for anybody under the age of 12 to participate is a deal that can’t be missed.

The 49th Annual Houston Slavic Heritage Festival is scheduled to take place on September 30th at the Knights of Columbus Hall and Grounds at 607 East Whitney Dr. in Houston, Texas. Entry fee for ages 12 and up is $5.