Houston to become a canvas later this year

August 3, 2012 by  

The streets of downtown Houston are soon to come alive thanks to a unique arts festival.

The Via Colori festival is a uniquely artistic event that allows hundreds of artists to showcase their work on the pavement of Downtown Houston. The event has sparked some interest in many different organizations and companies as the proceeds are donated to the Center for Hearing and Speech.

The Center for Hearing and Speech has been one of the few locations in Texas that have offered speech and literacy therapy to hearing impaired children for over 60 years. Since then, new breakthroughs in technology have allowed people with hearing disabilities to have better opportunities and to be able to communicate without the use of sign language.

Printing companies around the Houston area are likely anticipating a heavy workload of catalog printing, poster printing, and possibly business card printing as the event draws near. With a variety of corporate and private sponsors, well over a hundred artists, food, drinks, and fun events for people of all ages, the Via Colori is expected to have high traffic as one may expect to see possibly thousands attend the event during its two day stretch. Prior to the event, the opportunity to rent a booth for business purposes will be available. This allows the event to be a valuable time for business card trading so that one can broaden their horizons and hope to see more customers in the future.

The Via Colori is scheduled to be held at Hermann Square at City Hall and the surrounding streets of McKinney, Bagby and Walker on Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th. Admission to the event is free for all ages. More information can be found at the Via Colori homepage.