Houston soon to present its annual accordion adventure

May 28, 2013 by  

Houston will proudly demonstrates its fond love of the Texas Squeezebox by hosting the 24th Annual Accordion Kings and Queens event this weekend at the Miller Outdoor Theater.

Perhaps best of all, tickets are free for groups of four or less (per individual, and while supplies last). The seating is covered, ensuring protection from the sizzling Texas summer heat, but not from the heat of the squeezes.

Those living in the South will know how nearly exclusive traditional country and bluegrass music is to the area. This region is the undisputed home of a unique style of music composed on specific instruments, including one mainstay – the accordion.

The lineup this year is teeming with a number of notable accordion celebrities; among whom are Rosie ‘Zydeco Sweetheart’ Ledet and 2012 Big Squeeze contest winner Peter Anzaldua. The winners of the various statewide Big Squeeze contests will also be performing.

The event will also have vendors offering a variety of reasonably prices items, including beer and wine, enticing visitors to stop by between dance breaks. Vendors typically employ the services of print companies prior to exhibitions and events in order to set up their booths. Banner printing is a frequent request as vendors hang the banners across the back of the booths or front of the table tops to depict who they are and what they offer.

Complete information about the 24th Annual Accordion Kings and Queens is available on the event website. It will take place this Saturday, June 1.