Houston Re-Market is celebrating its one-year anniversary

February 25, 2012 by  

The Houston Re-Market makes the unimaginable the imaginable by taking unwanted and discarded items and making them wanted and even paid for.

The central idea is about finding new uses for old items, either by using those items in their previous form, e.g. clothing, or making new items out of old ones, e.g. using old vinyl albums and reshaping them into jewelry storage containers. It is Houston Re-Market’s idea to create responsible consumerism while providing entertainment in the process.

The vendors at Houston Re-Market use everything imaginable and make items that are simply amazing. Picture turning an old magazine and wood to make stationery printing—this is what Houston Re-Market accomplishes and even better than this, they make everything beautiful.

Take your old items and swap them out for something to take home for free. Enjoy live music, entertainment and food. Bring in everything recyclable—paper, cardboard, tin, glass, aluminum and plastics—to show your support simply by dropping them off.

Each market features in excess of 10 vendors who utilize sustainable practices as part of their businesses—either by using recycled items, reused items, or finding other innovative ways to achieve sustainable practices.

The vendors at the Houston Re-Market make fabulous items out of old bottle caps, glass, paper, salvaged wood and everything else under the sun. The Houston Re-Market’s criteria for all items are that they are handmade products, are locally made and are used, recycled, reused, or are made of natural materials.

The next Houston Re-Market is February 25, 2012. The feature of this month’s market is recycled crafts and arts.