Houston manages to curry favor

May 31, 2013 by  

After a very successful event last year, Houston once again managed to tempt local taste buds for the second annual Curry Crawl on May 19, attracting over 200 guests.

Hosted by expert chef John Sikhatta, the crawl took both judges and curious customers on a flavorful journey throughout the Bayou Cities finest restaurants. As a bonus for Sikhatta, his dish was voted as the guests’ favorite, with his tuna and potato offering going down a treat.

The event began at Straits Asian Bistro, where Sikhatta works when not hosting spicy jaunts. Guests then participated in a piquant patrol, visiting restaurants like Ambrosia, Latin Bites, Soma Sushi, The Tasting Room, The West End, and a number of other prominent players in the Houston food scene.

As the city geared up for this unique event, local printing companies are likely to have assisted in preparing print materials needed for it, with banner printing no doubt helping participants find their way around, and restaurant owners perhaps getting in their menu and business card printing orders.

A delightfully tasteful evening for general attendees, the spotlight shone particularly on the judges. Each judge tried a sampling of the curry creations from each of the restaurants and rank them. Ultimately, the judges plumbed for Ambrosia’s miso chicken curry dish as their ‘Best Curry’.

For $55, guests were able eat and drink at nearly all of Houston’s finest dining establishments. Furthermore, the proceeds will support PULSE, a group of young professionals supporting St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.