Houston International Jazz Festival welcomed back

July 28, 2012 by  

The Houston International Jazz Festival is scheduled to take place on August 4 – 5 at the Bayou Music Center. Ticket prices and show information can be found at the Jazz Education homepage.

Like most forms of music, jazz is a very popular genre in the Houston area, with listeners all over the city and beyond. As jazz-fans anticipate the opening of the event, printing companies are likely to be working with the marketing department of the venue to put work together, such as their poster printing and flyer printing services for the purpose of advertising the event. As the large, up-scale, and altogether traditional event builds momentum for their opening day, the Bayou Music Center, or formerly the Verizon Wireless Theater or Ariel Theater, seems a fitting venue for the jazz festival.

As the festival draws closer, more and more fans of the variety of jazz musicians are waiting for the day that the doors to the Bayou Music Center will open. Jazz artists have not only come together from within the United States, but also the world, as Roy Ayers from the US and Hiroshima with its band members coming from Japan, Hawaii, and a variety of other locations have come to Houston for the prestigious event. Business card printing may also be an essential and beneficial factor for many people in attendance, since exchanging business cards can often lead to better business transactions and a wider spectrum of assets later on.