Houston hosts the 2013 Fight for Air Climb

January 18, 2013 by  

April 6 marks the date for the annual Houston 2013 Fight for Air Climb, one of the most unique events in action.

1001 Fannin, located in downtown Houston, will be the site for the participants as they climb 48 floors for the vertical race. The focus of the event is supporting healthy lungs.

The leading organization, the American Lung Association, fights to save lives through preventing disease and improving overall lung health. The association provides education, research, and advocacy in the goal of “Fighting for Air.”

The format for the Fight for Air Climb is for participants to fundraise with a minimum goal of $100. They can either climb individually or form a team. A team must consist of three or more members with a designated team captain. Each participant will be timed professionally and ranked using standard timing chips.

Printing services are a major component of events like this to provide materials such as banner printing. Banners are used to promote races and other events prior to the event, as they can easily be hung in select locations throughout the city. The banners are also used throughout the venue to direct attention to specific areas or features.

Event organizers highly recommend pre-event training to ensure racers are able to handle the rigor of the climb. Training in a safe area such as a stairwell is important. A stair master or treadmill is also helpful in preparing for the race. During training, as well as the climb itself, it is essential to stay hydrated, so drinking plenty of water is important.

More information is available through event website.