Houston hosts Fight for Air Climb in April

February 26, 2013 by  

Climbing 48 floors may sound a bit daunting to the average person, but thousands of people will meet at 1001 Fannin in the downtown area of Houston to start the journey in just over a month.

The Fight for Air Climb consists of a vertical race offering great challenge for participants. As they ascend 48 flights of stairs to fight for healthy lungs on behalf of the American Lung Association, supporters will be cheering them on.

The minimum requirement for climb participation is $100 in fundraising by April 6, the day of the event. Climbers receive the official Houston Fight for Air Climb T-shirt, refreshments, and a goody bag. Top fundraisers will receive great incentives with awards being given to the fastest climbers and teams as well.

Event organizers encourage participants to train appropriately prior to the climb. Training in a safe stairwell with good ventilation is recommended. A stair master at the gym is also a good training tool. It is important to train properly to avoid injuries or illness during the event. Hydration is critically important and plenty of water should be consumed at least two days before the climb. There will be water stations along the stairwells to assist with hydration.

Printing companies take active part in many of these types of fundraisers by providing materials to market and manage the events. Signage is important and banner printing serves the purpose of providing directional guidance that is highly visible for participants during the climb, set for April 6.

The American Lung Association website has complete information and registration options available at this time, as well as sponsorship opportunities.