Houston honors Thanksgiving with traditional parade

December 9, 2013 by  

New York wasn’t the only city celebrating Thanksgiving morning with a festive parade – Houston hosted its own annual parade for the 64th year, although the event almost didn’t happen.

The organization who traditionally produces the parade, Houston Festival Foundation, announced in August that a lack of funding would prevent the event from taking place this year. However, the Mayor’s Office of Special Events took over the fundraising and organization, and the parade took place as planned.

In addition to the new organizers, this year’s parade also followed a new route and featured 12new floats. Among these were floats featuring a children’s choir, the Houston Ballet, and Theatre Under the Stars. There were also 13 parade balloons, five marching bands, and even Santa Claus stopped by.

The grand marshal of the parade was Tommy Tune, a legendary Broadway actor and winner of nine Tony Awards. Five themed segments made up the parade, all defining different aspects of Houston’s vibrant culture, including ‘Houston is Artistic’, ‘Houston is Cookin’’, and ‘Houston is Adventurous’.
The program included a visit from the Mayor and First Lady, and performances from clowns and dancers added vivacity to what is always a much anticipated date in the Houston calendar.

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